Apr 2, 2019

Movement in Light

Amid the Hope of April Dreams
Photo by Cynthia Sharp & the poem by Dennis L White and Cynthia Sharp

Amid the hope of April dreams,

As cherries bloom in balmy wind,

Bright stars behold pink petaled streams,

And all this warmth I can’t rescind.

Aroma wafts on gentle breeze,

Amid the hope of April dreams,

The flowery scent the nostrils tease,

While bees buzz by with nectar schemes.

A whirlwind dances airy themes,

Each blade awakes with morning dew,

Amid the hope of April dreams,

Sweet sunlight paints my life anew.

While Nature shares her vivid worth,

In verdant hues and pastel creams,

We witness beauty, Spring’s rebirth,

Amid the hope of April dreams.

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Cynthia Sharp

Poet, Author Cynthia Sharp studied creative writing and screenwriting at York University. She has been published in numerous literary journals and nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology. Her first ebook, How to Write Poetry: A Resource for Students and Teachers of Creative Writing is available at Amazon.

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