Mar 1, 2016

Movement in Light

Dreaming with Tulips

 Photograph & poem by Cynthia Sharp


a bulb beneath the soil
earth’s womb permeates
luminous through snow
candescent colours
overflow the boundaries of time

tulips vibrantly answer the call
stems grow beyond
the edges of vases

curve like rivers
forge in new directions
and define for themselves
who they are

unafraid of transition
tulips allow the flow of life
to turn their insides into
buttercup yellow elixir
falling on fairies
like a gentle halo
Ophelia’s spirit

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Cynthia Sharp

Poet, Author Cynthia Sharp studied creative writing and screenwriting at York University. She has been published in numerous literary journals and nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology. Her first ebook, How to Write Poetry: A Resource for Students and Teachers of Creative Writing is available at Amazon.

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アバター kalun cho | 2016.03.04 17:21

Tulip in the poem seems like a tender and brave woman facing ups and downs in life.

アバター Cynthia Sharp | 2016.03.05 3:57

Kalun, that is exactly the meaning of the poem! The tulips are a metaphor for a brave and tenderheart. I was thinking especially of young women,wanting them to be all of the strength and
vulnerability they are and to follow their calling
on their own terms, to let the life force flow
through them intuitively. Thank you for the gift of your time. Much gratitude to a beautiful soul 🙂