Apr 30, 2018

Movement in Light

Wild Flowers

by Deborah L. Kelly & Cynthia Sharp


The strength of our twenties

into our sixties,

free, strong,

wild flowers plant sturdy roots,

hardy plants, most delicate blossoms.

The chemistry of wild violets,

decades since your departure

you remain ever with me,

the energy of us

exalting the ordinary

in every day.

Now, in the ageless

 sight of memory, seeds

scattered in multiple hues

soak as sustenance

into the never forgotten

strength of youth

where flowers bloom eternally,

velvet blossoms

of inspiration follow

as I now reap bouquets

of stunning beauty.

Inner magic shall maintain

the fragrance of our youth

in the meadow of our older

years; we forget so we may remember

the foundations of the inner world,

built on the scent of wild flowers.


Deborah L. Kelly is an award-winning poet featured regularly throughout the Lower Mainland. She is the author of four published books of poetry. She was awarded the Writer’s International Network Distinguished Poet Award in 2016, received an honorable mention in the Bharat Int’l Short Story Competition in 2017 and a Distinguished Writer International award from India in 2017.



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Cynthia Sharp

Poet, Author Cynthia Sharp studied creative writing and screenwriting at York University. She has been published in numerous literary journals and nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology. Her first ebook, How to Write Poetry: A Resource for Students and Teachers of Creative Writing is available at Amazon.

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