May 2, 2019

Movement in Light

To Lie Down in Green Pastures
Poem & photo by Cynthia Sharp
The dedication to Jude Neale, my inspiration, friend and mentor who came up with this prompt and insists that I give myself daily writing time: “Add a day to a month and tell me what you’d do with it.” The title is from Psalm 23.

If I could add a free day to any month, 
I would give it to May 
so I could see you tomorrow.
I would read 
Harry Potter all morning in bed
inscribe dreams in its pages, 
then don the coral Italian silk blouse,
the one with billowing sleeves
that I paid too much for
and paint my nails cherry tree floral
with lime leaves
because I deserve to be pretty.
I would breathe spring light
and wear pink petals in my hair,
let the wind weave ocean mist through my curls
as I inhale the aroma of fresh sea salt,
ferrying over to your love.
I’d travel to friends who make me write poems,
who pick me up and drop me off at the shore
and share the afternoon reciting verse on comfortable couches,
who serve me white wine with homemade cauliflower soup
and invite me to peruse wedding albums of Hawaii, 
lifetimes of story,
with only a labradoodle to keep time.
I would taste the starlight in royal blue skies,
aquamarine blossoms travelling deep in the night
and live solely on my terms.
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Cynthia Sharp

Poet, Author Cynthia Sharp studied creative writing and screenwriting at York University. She has been published in numerous literary journals and nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology. Her first ebook, How to Write Poetry: A Resource for Students and Teachers of Creative Writing is available at Amazon.

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