“Cradle Our Spirit!”

2011年に日本で未曾有の 大震災が起きたとき、私は他の日本人のひとたちと一緒にバンクーバーにいました。刻々と伝わってくる日本の惨状を息をのんで見守っていた国外在住の日本人のひとりとして。




マガジンのタイトル、” Cradle Our Spirit!”は、「心を揺らそう!魂を揺らそう!」という意味です。現在 50カ国を超える地域から、 アクセスがあり,世界中にこの小さなウエブマガジンの読者がいてくださることに勇気をいただいています。

When an unprecedented earthquake occurred in Japan, I was in Vancouver with other Japanese people. As one of the Japanese who lived abroad who was watching over the devastation of Japan steadily transmitted through breath.
For me who immigrated to Canada and made Energy Healer’s job the main job, from me, other Japanese people said, “Tears will not stop, I can not sleep, I will not get food” etc.
 I got a lot of phone calls for healing session requests, but since I was in that situation,  unable to fulfill my responsibility.
Under our consciousness, there is a potential consciousness called unconsciousness, and this hypothesis that Jung once established that it leads to the collective consciousness of the group, at this time in me So, I became clear with my first time with my body.
Many people send relief supplies to Japan, gather support money, and in fact many volunteers head for Japan for relief activities, I think Japanese who are in the world are in disappointment in Japan I came up with the idea of launching a magazine that could do something that is energetic, and since then, with the strong enthusiasm of the contributors who agree with this gist, I have continued this 10 years .
The title of the magazine, “Cradle Our Spirit!” Means “Shake your heart! Shake your soul!” Currently, we have access from over 50 countries and have the courage to have readers of this small web magazine around the world.


about Ojha Emu Goto (editor in chief)

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